Benefits of a Competency-Based Training Program   [open pdf - 2MB]

"This research project identified advantages of a formalized training program and developed a competency-based program that was utilized to initiate and train newly hired personnel of the Willoughby Hills Fire Department. This was done after it became evident that the Department did not have a well structured, reliable indoctrination or training program for newly hired personnel, either career or part-paid. Historical, action, and descriptive research were used to (1) Identify the current usage of competencies in fire department training programs, (2) Identify advantages of utilizing a competency-based training program for newly hired personnel, (3) Define what task skills and local specifics should be included in the training program, and (4) Determine if a competency-based training program can be used in areas other than training. The principle procedure used to gather information was to review existing literature from both the fire service and the private sector concerning the topic of competency-based training. Additionally, a survey on the current usage and benefits of competencies in fire department training programs was conducted at Fire-Rescue International September 12-15, 1998 in Louisville, Kentucky. The results of the research identified the popularity of competencies, the numerous advantages of using competencies for the department as well as the students and instructors, and other areas that competencies can be useful. The recommendation is for the Willoughby Hills Fire Department to immediately institute a competency-based training program for newly hired employees and also to extend this type of program to the department's training program."

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