Soldiers to the Rescue: The Medical Response to the Pentagon Attack   [open html - 6KB]

This webpage offers information, pictures and maps regarding the efforts of the medical personnel at the Pentagon after the attack on September 11, 2011. "Because material from the airplane and building had vaporized and toxic particles were floating in the air or settling on the walls and floors, environmental health response began immediately. In order to provide a safe and clean atmosphere for Pentagon staff and visitors, as well as for the work of recovery and rebuilding, environmental health teams continued to sample the quality of the air and walls for weeks after the event. A health assessment survey was organized for those in the vicinity of the crash site to report any health concerns and/or conditions. This would help form a long-term baseline to determine if any future health problems were actually the result of being exposed to the events of September 11th. In the Pentagon, 125 people died that day and 59 more died on Flight 77. In the weeks and months that followed, interviewers from the Office of Medical History conducted interviews with the people who played various roles in the medical response to the tragedy. Major Debora Cox and Major Robert Glisson conducted these interviews and Dr. Barry Fowle oversaw the transcription. This work tells their stories, in and through their own words."

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