Strengthening Employee Conduct: The Value of Ethics Training and a Written Code of Ethics for the Fire Service   [open pdf - 631KB]

"Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue (PBCFR) recognized that the diversity of its workforce could engender different feelings about ethical conduct. PBCFR also recognized that everyone must be held to the same ethical standards. Evaluative research was used to assess whether ethics training and a written code of ethics would strengthen ethical conduct of employees at PBCFR. The literature review examined what measures have been taken to strengthen ethical conduct of employees in the private sector, the public sector, and in the fire service. Ethics terminology and theory were defined to give the reader a framework to better understand the concepts discussed in the literature review. A survey was conducted to determine PBCFR employee understanding of ethics. The literature review identified a written code of ethics and ethics training as a significant means of stregthening employee ethical conduct in both private and public sector. The literature review revealed that the ethical conduct of employees at fire departments that have adopted ethics training and a code of ethics were also strengthened; however, the review also revealed the fire service has been slow to recognize the benefits of such training. This research suggested PBCFR could strengthen employee ethical conduct if a written code of ethics and ethics training were adopted."

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