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"A Nation Blessed" includes remarks adapted from a commencement address delivered by George Bush on 15 June 2001 to the Naval War College graduating class of 2001. "A little over a decade ago, a true revolution in world affairs took place. The Soviet Union imploded; the Baltic States and the captive nations of Eastern Europe were freed. Then, when Iraq invaded Kuwait, the world made a very important statement in coming together to see that that aggression would not stand. Such a revolution required a fundamental rethinking of the role of the United States in world affairs and of the nature of warfare in a radically transformed military environment. The Gulf War forced us to face up to this revolution, this transformation, almost before we knew it was upon us. We did not know it at the time, but the Gulf War was in many respects a preview of things to come. It's hard to remember how surprising it was in 1990 when the Soviet Union stood with us in condemning Iraqi aggression and actually voted with the United States in the United Nations to condemn Iraq. This remarkable development was absolutely crucial to our strategy in dealing with that situation. It also raised the possibility of a new world order, and I think it stemmed from the way we managed the winding-down of the Cold War."

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Naval War College Review (Autumn 2001), v.54 no.4, p.134-140
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