Fire Service's Role in Maritime Homeland Security   [open pdf - 335KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Since September 11, 2001, the fire service role as first responders has changed to include acts of terrorism. United States ports and areas in the marine domain provide terrorists with a wide variety of targets to attack. The marine domain presents many difficult and unique problems to homeland security. The open nature of ports with the high volume of goods and services, key infrastructures, and the large number of agencies with jurisdiction create a complex environment to protect. Many fire departments that protect and respond to incidents in the marine domain have little specialized equipment, special knowledge, or training needed to respond to terrorists attacks in this area. This document looks at the roles the fire service has in homeland security in the marine domain. Based on findings from maritime leaders, five roles emerged: Homeland Security Presidential Directive-8, intelligence and information sharing, area maritime security committee, interagency exercises and training and public/private partnerships. This document demonstrates the fire department's role in each of these areas, and provide a framework fire departments can use to enhance maritime homeland security."

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