Hurricane Impact on Fire Department Operations   [open pdf - 283KB]

"The city of Providence, R.I., and the Providence Fire Department have previously been seriously impacted by hurricanes that occurred in 1938 and 1954, in which the downtown business district had been left under many feet of water. In 1966, the city received the completed Fox Point Hurricane Barrier, from the United States Army Corps of Engineers, which was designed to protect the area behind it from a storm tidal surge. The problem that prompted this research is the country's leading forecaster has predicted an increase of hurricanes in 1998 and the years to come. Also compounding the problem is the Providence Fire Department has no written procedure for hurricanes and storms that its members can follow. The purpose of this research was to evaluate the current status of the Providence Fire Department as it stands today, and what impact a hurricane would cause. Both the historical and evaluative methods were utilized. Of which the following research questions were posed: 1. How has the Providence Fire Department been impacted by hurricanes or other significant weather related events? 2. Are there any nationally recognized standards or recommendations for fire departments to follow in preparing for hurricanes? 3. Does the Providence Fire Department comply with these nationally recognized standards or recommendations? 4. What have fire departments in the greater Providence area done to be prepared for a hurricane? To complete this research a literature review, personal interviews, a survey of area fire departments, and queries of the computer database were conducted."

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