Impact of a Second Firehouse on Response Time   [open pdf - 284KB]

"This research project explored the effects that building a new firehouse would have upon emergency response times to past fires, target hazards and equal coverage concerns in Morristown, New Jersey. The problem that was addressed was that, with all fire suppression forces deployed from one location, longer response times were being experienced in a large area, which included several significant target hazards. The purpose of this research project was to explore the feasibility of continuing to protect the entire town from one firehouse, and to study the effects of constructing a new firehouse on the southeast side of town. Descriptive research was used to study the patterns of town's fire problem, geography and response characteristics. Evaluative research was used to analyze the feasibility of the present practice of maintaining all forces in one location by measuring the effects of a new southeast firehouse upon emergency response distance and travel time. The research questions posed were: 1. How are life safety and fire loss affected by response time? 2. Are there nationally recognized standards for response time? 3. How have response times been affected by the closing of the Market Street firehouse and moving all companies to Speedwell Avenue? 4. How would the building of a new firehouse on the southeast side of Morristown impact life response time, life safety, and fire loss? The procedure began with a literature review of deployment analysis, response time and distance, and their relation to life safety and fire loss."

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