Evaluate Existing Fire Flow Calculation Formulas for Adoption in Our City   [open pdf - 89KB]

"This research project analyzed existing fire flow calculation formulas that could be adopted by the Marysville Fire District (MFD) to be utilized during the plan review process and application of the Uniform Fire Code (UFC) requirements. MFD has been using the Insurance Services Office (ISO) "Guide for Determination of Required Fire Flow" since it was referenced in the 1985 Edition of the UFC. At that time other fire flow formulas were not examined. The purpose of the project was to examine the formulas available and recommend a formula for adoption by the MFD. This research employed historical research by an examination of the literature available, evaluative research to compare the results of each formula for a given scenario, and action research to examine the results of each formula for suitablility to the needs of the MFD. The three research methods were used to identify (a) what fire flow formulas are available for use, (b) what factors such as type of construction and use should be included in calculating fire flows, and (c) what alternate methods could be adopted by the MFD to offset deficient fire flows. The major findings of this research were that the formulas found were designed to offer suppression officers a method of quick and basic fire flow calculation rather than scientific conclusions. These "rule of thumb" formulas have limited use during the plan review process. Based upon the findings of this research, the recommended formula for adoption by MFD is a combination formula based on Appendix III-A of the 1997 Edition of the UFC, the occupancy and exposure factors from the ISO formula, and some additional requirements that reflect the needs of the MFD."

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