FinCEN Strategic Plan for the Fiscal Years 1997-2002   [open pdf - 523KB]

"The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) works to make the prevention, detection, and prosecution of money laundering more effective by adding to the knowledge and resources that law enforcement and regulatory agencies can use to fight financial crime. FinCEN's 'support toolbox' or strategies includes: 1) a broad-based network for information- sharing; 2) application of technology to analyze and share information; 3) the information collection and anti-money laundering authorities of the Bank Secrecy Act; 4) concentrated and sophisticated intelligence analysis about trends and patterns in money laundering; and 5) activities to foster international cooperation to deter and detect money laundering. FinCEN's goal is to use its tools to enhance the work of others, i.e., it seeks to provide leverage for Federal, state, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network2 local, and international law enforcement and regulatory agencies. And one of its own tenets is that effective leverage demands a thoughtful, flexible, and critically-reviewed long-term strategy, whose major elements are set out in the remainder of this document. Because of its incredible breadth of responsibility, FinCEN has many stakeholders. It has thousands of law enforcement customers, regulates hundreds of thousands of financial institutions, and works globally to foster international cooperation against money laundering. We are asking these stakeholders to critique this strategic plan in order to help FinCEN do its job better. The plan has been posted on FinCEN's website and these strategies have been outlined at numerous meetings with our stakeholders, both from the private and public sectors."

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