U.S. - Middle East Partnership Initiative: Building Hope for the Years Ahead   [open html - 104KB]

This speech was given by Secretary of State Colin Powell at The Heritage Foundation. From the speech: "The Middle East is a vast region of vast importance to the American people. Recognizing the region's importance, we have for half a century and more devoted our blood and our treasure to helping the peoples and governments of the Middle East. Indeed, my own career in public service, and especially military service, has been shaped by events in that region. Our Middle East policy has emphasized winning the war on terrorism, disarming Iraq, and bringing the Arab-Israeli conflict to an end. Through the United States-Middle East Partnership Initiative, we will work with governments to establish economic rules and regulations that will attract foreign investment and allow the private sector to flourish. We will help small and medium-sized businesses gain access to the life-blood of capital. As a first step, I am pleased to announce that we will establish Enterprise Funds for the Middle East, modeled after the successful Polish-American Enterprise Fund, and these funds will begin investing in promising new businesses. We will also help more countries share in the bounty of the global economy. Through the U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative, we are adding hope to the U.S.-Middle East agenda. We are pledging our energy, our ability, and our idealism to bring hope to all of God's children who call the Middle East home."

Author:Powell, Colin L.
Publisher:United States. Department of State
Copyright:Public Domain
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