Death from Above: UAVs and Losing Hearts and Minds   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Today, UAV [Unmanned Aerial Vehicle] use is being hyped as 'the future of war,' the 'only good thing to come out of the war on terrorism,' and an effective and highly discriminate counterterrorism and counterinsurgency weapon. No one doubts that robots will eventually occupy a central role in the U.S. military. Surviving aspects of the Army's now-defunct Future Combat Systems modernization effort (now the Army Brigade Combat Team Modernization Program) call for a host of unmanned vehicles and combat drones. As P.W. Singer has shown in Wired for War, such modernization entails unprecedented changes in perspective. However, that UAVs are more cost effective in lives and money and the sunny view that they will someday take our soldiers entirely out of harm's way are now appearing to be questionable propositions. The extraordinary hype these weapons still garner as the 'greatest, weirdest, coolest, hardware in the American arsenal' is beginning to look like unexamined haste."

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Military Review (May-June 2011), p.70-76
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