Assessing the Ability to Handle an Influenza Pandemic   [open pdf - 941KB]

"The problem is that Miami Township in Montana is a densely populated community and an Influenza Pandemic could cripple the operations of the Division of Fire and EMS [Emergency Medical Services] because there is no policy in place to ensure the continued operations of the Division as well as the safety of the employees. The purpose of this research is to identify the threat to the Division from an Influenza Pandemic and determine how to continue to provide services while keeping the employees safe. Descriptive research was used to answer the following research questions. What are the potential problems to the community as well as the Division if there is an influenza pandemic? What resources are available to assist the Division in preparing for an outbreak? What type of equipment is available to protect first responders before, during, and after an outbreak? What will be the expected impact on the Division's ability to respond to emergencies? How can the Division expect its employees to function in the capacity of an emergency responder when their families, as well as their own lives, may be in danger? The internet was used extensively since the information needed to be as up to date as possible and an internal survey was also used to provide answers to the research questions. The results showed that Miami Township is not in a good position to remain in operation if a pandemic was to occur. Furthermore, it is recommended that an extensive plan be developed and implemented to sustain emergency services to the Township."

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