Refining the Mass Casualty Incident Plan for the Kansas City, Kansas, Fire Department   [open pdf - 546KB]

"The problem was that the regional mass casualty incident (MCI) plan had not been integrated with the Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department's [KCKFD] standard operating procedures and medical protocols; if this was not corrected, lives could be lost. The purpose of this research paper was to develop a complete MCI plan for the department. This action research project addressed these issues: a) what standard elements exist for MCI plans, b) what standard elements exist in the regional MCI plan, and c) what resources are available in the metropolitan area? A set of model elements was developed and compared against the KCKFD plans. The regional plan was also compared against the KCKFD plans. A survey was done of regional EMS providers to determine the resources available in the area. And MCI plan was developed from this research. The recommendations of this project include: a) continued development and adoption of the MCI plan, b) training for the department personnel, c) discussion with the region on changes in the regional plan, and d) discussion on the state level concerning MCI plan development."

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