Has the Implementation of the Power Shift at Station 2 Been Successful: An Evaluation of a Change Process   [open pdf - 323KB]

"The Edina Fire Department instituted a 'power shift' of 2 paramedics working weekdays, on an 8-hour shift, and responding from a newly constructed fire station. This fire station was located in what had been determined to be the busiest quadrant in the city. This constituted a significant change in operations and its implementation met a great deal of resistance. The purpose of this research project was to evaluate the effectiveness of the power shift working out of Station 2, and evaluate how well the resistance to the change was managed. Descriptive and evaluative research methods were employed to answer the following questions: (1) did the implementation of the power shift operating out of Station 2 meet its initial change goals, (2) what are typical causes of resistance to change efforts by organizations, (3) what are recommended strategies to reduce employee's resistance to change, were any of the strategies used and how effective were they, (4) what effect did paradigms have on the employee's resistance to the change. The procedures used in this research project included a review of literature on the topics of organizational change, resistance to change, change management and paradigms as they relate to change; an interview with the fire chief who implemented the change; and a survey of the personnel at the fire department who were affected by the change. This research project determined that the change process was statistically successful, however, it had failed in the human relations area. The two main strategies for reducing resistance to change, communication and utilizing employee input, had not been successfully used. The recommendations were (a) to communicate the needs for the change, (b) solicit input from employees, (c) set new change goals, (d) periodically reevaluate the process."

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