Staff Development Program for the Utah Fire & Rescue Academy   [open pdf - 230KB]

"In the past, when a new staff member was hired to work at the Utah Fire & Rescue Academy, they jumped into their new job without any idea of the 'big' picture of what the academy does, where it is going, and how the various programs all work together to train the fire service of Utah. Another problem is once a person joined the academy staff, there was no program in place to help them continue to learn and grow. These two problems have caused us grief and have added unnecessary grief when a new person joins the staff. The purpose of this project was to create a staff development program for the Utah Fire & Rescue Academy. The program was broken down into two areas of focus. First step would be that all new employees would receive an orientation to the academy by a senior staff member to help the new hire to see the 'big' picture. For members of the staff that are currently employed, this orientation would take place on an ongoing basis during staff meetings. The second area would be the ongoing training of all staff members to help in developing and refining skills to help us be better in accomplishing our respective jobs. The action method of research was selected to be used in completing this project. This method was selected because what was accomplished can be placed in measurable objectives. These objectives can be laid out in an action plan and implemented and easily monitored. The research questions were developed with direct input from the staff. These questions were, do we need a training program? What type of training is needed and who will do it? What's in it for me? And, how will such a program benefit the academy and the end user, the fire service? Answers to these questions were found by dividing the staff into three groups and having them answer the question based on their roles within the academy."

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