Impact of Academic Achievement and Professional Certification on Florida Fire Service Efficiency   [open pdf - 475KB]

"The need for professionalism has long been recognized by the Florida fire service. While it is understood that formal education and professional certification are needed, the problem was little research has been conducted concerning the types of degrees and professional credentials that are available. The purpose of this research was to investigate the educational opportunities available to Florida chief fire officers and determine what relevances these certifications had on the efficiency in which their departments operated. The process used two research methodologies. First, a historical perspective was taken by reviewing relevant literature and previous research conducted relating to the topic. Next, a correlation study was conducted by developing and tabulating the results of a 27-question survey that was posed to 94 Florida fire chiefs. These two designs were used to answer the following questions: Question #1. What academic degrees and professional certifications are available to Florida chief fire officers? Question #2. What are the competency requirements for these degrees and certifications? Question #3. What is the availability of these degrees and certification requirements? Question #4. What percentage of Florida chief fire officers have taken advantage of these degree and certification programs? Question #5. Is there a correlation between the educational backgrounds of paid career Florida fire chiefs with a minimum employment of 10 firefighters and the level of efficiency in which their departments operate? The results of this research were the recognition that professional certifications and academic degrees that exist and are available to Florida chief fire officers. It also identified the requirements and the percent of officers that have obtained these certifications."

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