Establishing a Customer Service Feedback System for the Kingman Fire Department   [open pdf - 494KB]

"As a result of assessing organizational effectiveness, the Kingman Fire Department realized the need for a customer feedback system. It was found that customer feedback was a missing link for organizational effectiveness in understanding and providing optimal customer service. The purpose of this research project was to identify methods of receiving customer feedback and to implement these methods into a customer feedback process for the Kingman Fire Department. An action methodology was used to answer the following research questions: 1. What value comes from customer feedback? 2. What methods can be used in obtaining customer feedback? 3. When is the best time to solicit customer feedback? 4. Which organizations have customer survey formats in place? The value of customer feedback was espoused by six authors. The value is crucial in many aspects and ultimately allows the organization to provide for an honest and objective evaluation of organizational success and failure. Four authors provided methods for soliciting customer feedback. Many methods were reviewed which included surveys in the form of post cards to the more detailed survey in letter form. It was found that the best time to solicit feedback is as soon as possible after the service is delivered. The feedback information measures should be shared within the organization, no matter how complimentary or critical, in order to celebrate your successes or analyze and correct your failures. Care should be taken not to be narrowly focused. The feedback mechanisms should include all aspects of the organization in order to fully evaluate all programs."

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