Imagining the Impossible: Insurgency in the U.S.A.   [open pdf - 645KB]

"As the United States focuses on external threats will internal threats sufficient to enable the overthrow of the United States government materialize? Most contemporary literature prescribes a myriad of solutions to counter a foreign nation's insurgency after it has already manifested. A prudent way to counter an insurgency is to identify it and prevent it before it starts. To know when an insurgency is developing is difficult, but is an important measure for any government to pursue to ensure its survival. Historically, the United States has not been immune to insurgent impulses. Although not necessary for insurgent mobilization, a Perfect Storm of converging existing conditions (globalization, demographic shifts, anti-Christian attitudes, and increasing domestic militarization) may threaten America's white non-Hispanic Christian population and potentially foment an insurgency. Current trends suggest this may already be happening in an area within the United States. This research seeks to determine the mechanisms by which an insurgency could manifest itself in the United States and assist the U.S. government in considering how to preemptively counter a domestic insurgency."

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