Connecting International Organized Crime Research to Policy and Practice: The Strategic Context in the U.S. and the U.K.   [open pdf - 190KB]

"In November 2010, NIJ (National Institute of Justice) hosted a small expert working group (EWG) that explored the role academic research could play in formulating more accurate or effective threat assessments and strategies for addressing international organized crime (IOC). The meeting, held in conjunction with the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit of the United Kingdom, focused on three areas where the EWG felt that researchers could help to improve threat assessments and the strategic planning that follows from them. The first area focused on the role of measurement, particularly how to measure harms associated with IOC activities, and why. The second area focused on the role of history, specifically how historical analogy could improve everyone's understanding of contemporary IOC. The final area sought to identify the drivers of IOC and thus improve forecasts of IOC's evolution in the future."

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