Developing a Wildfire Risk Reduction Plan for Jefferson-Como Fire Department   [open pdf - 461KB]

"The problem was the Jefferson-Como Fire Department did not have a wildfire risk reduction plan to provide safety for the rural community within the fire district. The purpose of this applied research project was to develop a plan for wildfire risk reduction for the Jefferson-Como Fire Department. This was an action research project. The research questions were: 1) What are the benefits to the fire department to develop a wildfire risk reduction plan? 2) What are similar organizations doing to prepare for wildfire risk reduction? 3) What are the ramifications of a wildfire risk reduction plan, and will it aid in protecting life, property and the environment? The research procedures included: (a) distributing and analyzing a survey form which was distributed to 40 fire departments; (b) a literature review written on wildfire risk and risk reduction plans; and (c) internet research on suggested wildfire risk reduction. The research results demonstrated the need for a wildfire risk reduction plan. A well-developed plan will help ensure the safety of homes built in the wildland urban interface and the surrounding forest. A wildfire risk reduction plan was developed from this research, to be presented to the Department's Board of Directors. The results also showed that Wildfire Risk Reduction Plans have been implemented in many areas throughout the United States and have strengthened the line-of-defense against wildfire in the urban interface. Based on this study, the recommendation was to establish and adopt a wildfire risk reduction plan, and work with the community defensible space mitigation, creating wildfire defensible zones."

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