Irregular Adversaries and Hybrid Threats: An Assessment-2011   [open pdf - 5MB]

"Without a true understanding of the national security threats facing our nation, we have little hope of effectively countering them. This assessment of our irregular adversaries and the hybrid threats they pose seeks to provide this common understanding, as the rise of certain nonstate actors and their benefactors as a malevolent force on the global stage is undeniable. It is not an all-inclusive, comprehensive document or an intelligence community assessment; it was developed to increase civilian and military students' awareness of irregular adversaries and the hybrid threat problem set. Put simply, America's most-likely and most-lethal enemies for the foreseeable future are adaptive, ruthless, networked, and committed. These adversaries seek to foster conditions of fear, uncertainty, and instability. Ranging from violent extremist organizations to insurgencies to criminal networks and potent, adaptive mixes of each, these enemies are unrestrained by international laws or norms of behavior and will flow to areas of vulnerability or weakness. Lastly, some of these enemies will also be supported by nation-states that wish us ill."

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