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"BLUtube, a new online video sharing platform from San Francisco, California, based PoliceOne.com, is helping to ensure more messages are shared among the police officers who stand to learn from them. Today, the site is fostering a library of law enforcement-related videos, some for serious training and others, which are lighthearted, uploaded by a handful of especially active members. The result is a video site with a narrower focus than the most popular video sites. BLUtube saves officers from typing 'police' into a video search box and wading through irrelevant videos that would have no use to them for their training purposes. Instead, BLUtube hosts traditional classroom training videos alongside dashboard-camera footage, crime-related local TV news segments, and reviews and promos for new products. PoliceOne also seeds the site with original content, while building a library of survivor stories and police narratives to serve its new video audience. There is plenty of public content on the site, but it is just a fraction of the 1,200 videos uploaded since BLUtube launched last year. The rest is accessible for free but only to members who have verified they are, in fact, law enforcement community members. The verification process requires everyone signing on with BLUtube and PoliceOne (the sites share a common membership) to enter a badge number and contact number for the agency that employs them. A member of PoliceOne's staff calls and confirms the applicant is a sworn officer before granting access to the site."

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