Guidance on Allocating and Targeting Pandemic Influenza Vaccine   [open pdf - 2MB]

"This guidance is intended to provide strong advice to support planning an effective and consistent pandemic response by States and communities. Nevertheless, it is important that plans are flexible as the guidance may be modified based on the status of vaccine technology, the characteristics of pandemic illness, and risk groups for severe disease-factors that will remain unknown until a pandemic actually occurs. […] The goal of the pandemic influenza vaccination program is to vaccinate all persons in the United States who choose to be vaccinated. It is recognized that vaccine supply to meet this goal will likely not be available all at once, but rather, be produced at a rate that depends on both vaccine characteristics (antigen required) and manufacturing capacity. Given that influenza vaccine supply will increase incrementally as vaccine is produced during a pandemic, allocation decisions will have to be made. Such decisions should be based on publicly articulated and discussed program objectives and principles. The overarching objectives guiding vaccine allocation and use during a pandemic are to reduce the impact of the pandemic on health and minimize disruption to society and the economy. One of the most important findings of the working group analysis, and the strongest communication from the public and stakeholder meetings, was that there is no single, overriding objective for pandemic vaccination and no single target group to protect at the exclusion of others. Rather, there are several important objectives and, thus, vaccine should be allocated simultaneously to several groups."

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