Preliminary Research and Development Roadmap for Protecting and Assuring Critical National Infrastructures   [open pdf - 424KB]

"Developing a robust and harmonized national research and development plan that comprehensively addresses critical infrastructure assurance needs is a complex challenge. This report is intended to be a first step in helping to meet that challenge. The information presented was developed by study teams composed of individuals from government, the private sector, academia and research institutes, and the Department of Energy national laboratory system. The contributions by these individuals were voluntary, reflecting a strong commitment to this roadmapping activity and a recognition of its importance to the nation. The study teams addressed five infrastructure sectors: banking and finance, energy (electric power, natural gas, oil), information and communications, transportation, and vital human services (water supply systems, emergency services, government services). This report highlights the results of the work in each of those sectors. It should be noted that the majority of the work by the study teams was completed prior to the release of Presidential Decision Directive 63-Critical Infrastructure Protection-in May 1998 and the establishment by the Office of Science and Technology Policy of a Critical Infrastructure Protection Research and Development Interagency Working Group. The study teams recognize that hard work remains to be done. The magnitude and complexity of the R&D question being considered make detailed planning and consensus difficult. It is the hope of the teams that the information presented is viewed in the positive spirit in which it is intended, and that it provides a basis for constructive debate and a foundation for the next steps in developing a viable infrastructure assurance R&D plan."

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