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"Since the founding of the National Security Archive, nuclear crises, nuclear proliferation, and the role of nuclear weapons in U.S. policy have been central to its FOIA requesting. The overwhelming importance of the problem of nuclear weapons--an existential threat since the early years of the Cold War--has made this an essential focus. One of the Archive's first major projects was on the Cuban Missile Crisis; during the 1990s, other projects on Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy and U.S. Nuclear History followed. By the late 1990s, with the emergence of the World Wide Web, the Archive began routinely to post briefing books on nuclear weapons policy issues. The broad scope of the Archive's work on nuclear issues makes it worth gathering together this online material to make it more readily accessible to interested researchers. The 'Nuclear Vault' includes all previous and forthcoming Archive Electronic Briefing Books on nuclear weapons policy, cross-referenced with an index. It also includes newly-declassified documents that may be of interest to novices and experts alike. For students of the field, the 'Nuclear Vault' includes reading lists and other bibliographic information on key documents and significant contributions to the nuclear history and policy literature. The 'Vault' will also provide links to valuable Web sites in the field, as well as occasional compilations of photos. The National Security Archive hopes that this material will help interested students and others to better their understanding of the grave problems raised by the nuclear age and its history."

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