Hazard Mitigation Assistance Program Guidance: Pre-Disaster Mitigation, Flood Mitigation Assistance, Repetitive Flood Claims, Severe Repetitive Loss   [open pdf - 1MB]

This document published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency's [FEMA] Mitigation Directorate combines the individual Hazard Mitigation Assistance [HMA] grant programs and aligns them into a single HMA program cycle. More specifically, "for the current application cycles, FEMA's Mitigation Directorate is unifying the multi-hazard PDM [Pre-Disaster Mitigation] program with the FMA [Flood Mitigation Assistance], RFC [Repetitive Flood Claims], and SRL [Severe Repetitive Loss] programs into a unified HMA program application cycle. The intent of this alignment is to enhance the quality and efficiency of grant awards on an allocation and competitive basis to State, Territory, Tribal, and local entities for worthwhile, cost-beneficial activities designed to reduce the risks of future damage in hazard-prone areas. Best practices from the programs will be identified and adopted as the standard for all programs throughout this unification process. In addition, a unified process achieves economies of scale and portfolio management for Federal, State, and local officials by allowing resources to be dedicated to program training and technical assistance as needed. At the same time, unification streamlines FEMA's program delivery and review processes, which offer new opportunities and additional resources to expand national outreach for all types of mitigation." On a related note, "the HMA grant programs present a critical opportunity to protect individuals and property from natural hazards while simultaneously reducing reliance on Federal disaster funds. The HMA programs provide pre-disaster mitigation grants annually to States, Territories, Tribes, and local communities. The statutory origins of the programs differ, but all share the common goal of reducing the loss of life and property due to natural hazards."

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