U.S. Army War College Guide to National Security Issues, Volume II: National Security Policy and Strategy, 3rd Edition   [open pdf - 2MB]

This is volume II of the U.S. Army War College's latest Guide to National Security Policy and Strategy. "This edition of the Guide is in two volumes that correspond roughly to the two core courses that the Department of National Security and Strategy (DNSS) teaches: 'Theory of War and Strategy' and 'National Security Policy and Strategy.' Like its predecessors, this edition is largely an expansion of the existing materials, although over 40 percent is new, and the previously published chapters have been updated as necessary. The authors, with one exception all current or former members of the faculty, represent each of the four primary teaching departments of the college. The exception is the inclusion this year of a chapter on space power by a recent graduate-the chapter was his research project while a student. The appendix on the USAWC strategy formulation model in the second volume reflects the alterations in that fundamental document made for the 2008 academic year (2007-08). Although DNSS uses several of the chapters in this volume as readings for its core courses, and at least one other department uses chapters in its core instruction, this is not a textbook. It does reflect, however, both the method and manner we use to teach the theory of war and the formulation of national security strategy to America's future senior leaders. As we continue to refine and update the Guide, we intend to increase course-oriented essays, and several of the new chapters were written specifically to support instruction. The book is also not a comprehensive or exhaustive treatment of either the theory of war, strategy, or the policymaking process. The Guide is organized in broad clusters of chapters addressing general subject areas."

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