Statewide Interoperability Planning Guidebook   [open pdf - 1MB]

"The purpose of this Statewide Interoperability Planning Guidebook is to provide the designated State Interoperability Coordinators or the appropriate authority from each of the states and territories with an explanation of the statewide plan criteria, a step-by-step guide for developing an interoperability plan, and a recommended layout for the statewide plans. Detailed explanations include common questions to consider, helpful hints in completing each section, and a list of the criteria each section addresses. This guidebook will help communities not only satisfactorily respond to the statewide plan criteria, but also define an actionable path forward for states and their leaders. Interoperable emergency response communications enable agencies to exchange voice and/or data on demand, in real time, when needed, and when authorized. Truly seamless communications interoperability will be achieved when any emergency response official can be deployed anywhere in the country, use his or her own radio to communicate with other responders, and use the compatible standard operating procedures (SOPs) he or she has been trained on in their respective jurisdiction."

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