Comments on the Public Interest Declassification Board's Report 'Improving Declassification'   [open pdf - 913KB]

This document discusses and clarifies the Department of Energy's views on "the recommendations made by the Public Interest Declassification Board in its December 2007 report entitled Improving Classification." The Department of Energy comments on those recommendations with which it concurs, and those with which it does not. The 15 issues commented on within this document include: (1) Understanding what the declassification system is accomplishing, (2) prioritizing the declassification review of historically significant documents, (3) expediting the declassification of presidential records, (4) preserving a capability within agencies to review records less than 25 years of age, (5) bringing greater uniformity, consistency, and efficiency to the declassification process, (6) expediting the declassification review of multiple equity documents, (7) performing declassification review involving special media and electronic records, (8) reviews of previously disclosed information, (9) dealing with other exempted information and the delays entailed in archival processing, (10) exercising discretion for disclosure in exceptional cases, (11) removing an impediment to comprehensive review, (12) expanding the uses and roles of historians and historical advisory boards, (13) clarifying the status and treatment of formerly restricted data, (14) the handling of the president's daily brief, (15) declassification reviews of certain Congressional records.

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