Assuring Vaccination without Financial Barriers - A DRAFT White Paper of the NVAC Vaccine Financing Working Group (VFWG)   [open pdf - 1009KB]

The "purposes of this Report are twofold. The first purpose is to describe current challenges in child and adolescent vaccine financing and delivery in the public and private sectors. These challenges are viewed from the perspective of key stakeholders: physicians and other clinicians; vaccine manufacturers and distributors; insurers, employers, and other purchasers; consumers; and state, and local governments; all of which had representation on the VFWG. In a number of cases, collection of primary data on the current vaccine delivery and financing system was necessary to answer these questions. The second purpose of this Report is to identify potential solutions and suggest policy options for future action to address the challenges identified. These policy options may be directed to any of the stakeholders: policy makers in government, professional organizations, and industry groups, to ensure access to vaccines recommended for universal use for children and adolescents without financing barriers. These policy options should be consistent with a policy environment that promotes both continued investment in innovation of new vaccines and new vaccine technology, as well as continued access to affordable health insurance for all children and adolescents and coverage of vaccination insurance benefits as defined in health insurance plan contracts and paid by health insurers. These policy options should also serve to end what has become an ad hoc prioritization of childhood vaccines that is taking place throughout the U.S."

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