Fire Officer Development for the Sparks Fire Department   [open Unknown - 119KB]

"The problem identified for this research project was that the Sparks Fire Department did not have an up to date 'Fire Officer Development Program' to train and prepare the future officers of the fire department. Fire Apparatus Operators (FAO) are used in an acting capacity when the fire captain is absent. Current training for these personnel and for the current fire captains is based on the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Fire Officer Standard 1021, in the form of an outdated Sparks Fire Department specific format. The purpose of this research paper was to determine the requirements for and recommend a recognized standard to prepare professional fire officers for the Sparks Fire Department. The following questions were used to make this determination: 1. What areas of training are necessary to produce an effective fire officer development program? 2. What are other fire departments using as a tool to prepare fire officers for their responsibilities? 3. What areas of training do the future fire officers of the Sparks Fire Department feel they need the most? The results of the research showed that although the Sparks Fire Department required personnel participating in the promotional process be certified as NFPA Fire Officer I, and have at least thirty (30) college credits in a Fire Science degree program to take the test, most members felt the program was not beneficial to them. There were no continuing education requirements after being promoted and no officer school upon promotion."

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