Pandemic Influenza: A Planning Guide for Washington State Agencies   [open pdf - 734KB]

"All Washington state agencies must plan for the impact of pandemic influenza on their staff, clients and the performance of their respective agency's mission. This is of paramount importance for those state agencies which provide essential public services that must continue during any emergency event. The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) Pandemic Influenza Planning Guide for Washington State Agencies was developed by DOH to assist other state agencies in their respective pandemic influenza planning efforts. During an actual event, health information about the specific outbreak will be made available by DOH. […] Pandemic influenza will not be like a natural or other type of physical disaster. Understanding the characteristics of pandemic flu and the differences between seasonal flu and avian flu will help with planning and educating staff. As a communicable disease emergency, pandemic influenza would have unique characteristics rather than those commonly associated with a 'typical' disaster. The impact of a pandemic would likely be widespread, possibly nation wide, not localized to a single area or region. Therefore, there may be little outside assistance to the state from other states or the federal government. A pandemic is not a physical disaster. It presents unique characteristics that require implementation of activities to limit human to human contact such as restriction of movement, quarantine, and closure of public gatherings."

2006 Washington (State). Dept. of Health. Posted here with permission. Documents are for personal use only and not for commercial profit.
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