Background Briefing with Senior U.S. Officials on Syria's Covert Nuclear Reactor and North Korea's Involvement, April 24, 2008   [open pdf - 148KB]

This is an Office of Director of National Intelligence interview with senior officials regarding Syria's nuclear reactor and North Korean involvement. From the interview: "Hello. My name is [Senior Intelligence Official 1]. And I have the start-off role. It.s been a pretty busy morning and afternoon, as you might imagine. We've been on the Hill having dialogue with our committees. What I want to do is just frame the issue. I read the press reporting coming out here. So I'm almost at the point of saying are there any questions. But just let me say that what we're going to discuss is a nuclear reactor. It was constructed by the Syrians in the eastern desert of Syria along the Euphrates River on the east side. The Syrians constructed this reactor for the production of plutonium with the assistance of the North Koreans. Our evidence goes back an extended period of time. We have had insights to what was going on since very late '90s, early 2000, 2001 that something was happening. Our issue was pinning it down and being more precise. We had increasing appreciation for what was happening in the 2003, 2006 timeframe. But we still couldn't quite pin it down, as will become apparent to you when we show you more of the physical evidence that you'll see in just a moment."

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