First Response to Victims of Crime: A Guidebook for Law Enforcement Officers   [open pdf - 529KB]

"Over the past few years, new issues have emerged with the changing demographics in the United States, the occurrence of a number of high-profile mass casualty crimes, and a growing awareness of the prevalence of the crime of human trafficking. It became clear that a new, updated, expanded guidebook for law enforcement was needed. This new guidebook consolidates and updates the information in the earlier handbooks and expands the information with additional sections on responding to immigrant victims, victims with a disability affecting physical mobility, victims of human trafficking, and victims of mass casualty crimes. In one resource, this guidebook offers valuable, user-friendly information for law enforcement on how to respond to a wide range of victims. The guidebook is not intended to be a training manual and does not claim to offer guidance on responding in every possible situation. It attempts, however, to highlight the most salient issues involved for victims of certain crimes and for certain populations of victims. An introductory section contains general guidelines and tips, and individual sections include information on responding to victims of particular crimes and to specific populations of victims. Additionally, the guidebook includes a section on federal laws that prohibit discrimination against individuals with disabilities and a directory of resources, including organizations representing the interests of the victim populations addressed in the guidebook."

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