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Alternate Title: Spectrum Management for the 21st Century: The President's Spectrum Policy Initiative

"Today, wireless technologies are essential in supporting Federal agency missions crucial to the nation and enabling commercial and non-Federal public safety operations that support economic growth and safeguard lives and property. As changing government missions increase demands for mobility and agility, and private sector uses continue to expand, spectrum's role as a critical asset intensifies. To ensure that United States' spectrum policy for the 21st Century continues to harness fully the power of the airwaves to meet Federal mission requirements and to enhance prosperity, President George W. Bush established the Spectrum Policy Initiative (Presidential Initiative) in 2003. The goal is a U.S. spectrum policy for the 21st Century that will foster economic growth; ensure our national and homeland security; maintain U.S. global leadership in communications technology and services; and satisfy other vital U.S. needs in areas such as public safety, scientific research, Federal transportation infrastructure, and law enforcement. The Federal Strategic Spectrum Plan (Federal Plan) is an important component of the Presidential Initiative. In a 2004 Executive Memorandum, the President directed Federal agencies to formulate within one year agency-specific strategic spectrum plans ('agency plans') that include: 'spectrum requirements … for future technologies or services,' 'the planned uses of new technologies or expanded services requiring spectrum,' and 'suggested spectrum efficient approaches to meeting identified spectrum requirements.' The 2004 Executive Memorandum also required that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), through consultation with other Federal, state and local agencies, develop a Spectrum Needs Plan 'to address issues related to communications spectrum used by the public safety community, as well as the continuity of Government operations.' The Federal Plan thus incorporates these two additional key elements."

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