Radiological Emergency Response, Independent Study Manual   [open pdf - 2MB]

This manual accompanies "IS-301: Radiological Emergency Response," an independent study course sponsored by FEMA's Emergency Management Institute. The manual is divided into the following twelve units: Unit 1: Regulations and Guides for Radiation Protection and Response; Unit 2: Nuclear Physics for Radiological Emergency Response; Unit 3: Biological Effects and Internal Hazards of Radiation Exposure; Unit 4: External Dosimetry; Unit 5: Protection Actions and Protective Action Guides; Unit 6: Federal Response Systems; Unit 7: Incident Command System; Unit 8: Public Information and Media Relations; Unit 9: Environmental Monitoring; Unit 10: Introduction to Nuclear Reactors; Unit 11: Radioactive Materials Transportation; Unit 12: Radiological Hazard Area Control. Each unit provides questions designed to test the student's mastery of the included material.

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