Developing a Code of Ethics for the Old Mystic Fire Department   [open pdf - 248KB]

"In the past year, Americans and the world have watched the news reports on public officials in all areas of government including the president of the United States being accused of wrong doings. Due to these events the people's trust in public officials are eroding at alarming rates. The public has demanded greater moral and ethical standards be met by the public officials in all levels of government. The problem is the Old Mystic Fie Department was formed in 1836 and has grown 100 fold since. The area we cover is the single most visited area in the state. The dealings we have daily with both the public and government agencies require us to maintain a high level of public trust. The department has no code of ethics in place at this time. The by laws cover some areas of conduct, but very little on ethics. The purpose of this research paper was to develop a code of ethics for the Old Mystic Fire Department. This code will give the leaders and members of our department a guide to maintain a high level of public trust and self pride. The action method of research was used for this study. The following research questions needed to be asked to help guide this researcher to the end product: 1. Do other fire departments in the state have written codes of ethics? 2. Do fire departments in the state without a written code of ethics plan on drafting one? 3. Should our department adopt a written code of ethics?"

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