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This manual is designed to accompany FEMA's independent study course titled "IS-11.a - Animals in Disasters: Community Planning." "Whenever and wherever disaster strikes, people and their property are affected. Over the years, we have seen whole communities destroyed and lives devastated. A problem that is increasingly being recognized is that disasters also affect animals. In times of crises, people worry not only about their family but also about the family pet; farmers worry about the livestock they are stewards of; the horse owner worries about their prize show horse or backyard pony. More and more, emergency management and agriculture officials are having to include animal issues in planning and preparedness. We are pleased to present the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) new two-module independent study course, 'Animals in Disaster.' For the first time, FEMA is addressing this important issue through training and education. A major theme throughout the course is that individuals must prepare and plan for their animals. In a flood or earthquake, State and local government must first of all take care of people; government officials will not have time to deal with all animal problems. Therefore, it is up to the individual to see that their animals are taken care of as best as possible. It is also imperative that animal owners work with one another through mutual interest groups such as kennel clubs and horse associations, agricultural organizations, county extension agencies and humane societies to develop plans for their animals. This course will help you prepare to take care of animals. It will not provide answers to all of your questions or concerns but will help you formulate answers specific to your own situation. We are pleased that you care enough to take this course."

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