IS-10: Animals in Disaster: Module A: Awareness and Preparedness: Independent Study Manual   [open pdf - 561KB]

This manual is designed to accompany Module A of "IS-10: Animals in Disaster," an online independent course sponsored by FEMA's Emergency Management Institute. "Module A is divided into an overview, seven units of instruction, a final exam and appendices. A description of each unit is provided. Unit 1: Overview. Preface, purpose of the course, and information on the course […]; Unit 2: Introduction. Why are animals an important consideration in disasters? This unit describes the animal-care community, the societal impact of animal ownership and introduces the concept of the human-animal bond as a major factor affecting animal owners in disasters […]; Unit 3: The four phases of emergency management. This unit introduces the activities of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery and addresses government and individual responsibilities for carrying out these activities; Units 4 through 6: Defining the risks and applying the four phases of emergency management. These units describe the major natural and technological hazards in the United States and provide information on typical animal-related issues that may arise in these circumstances; Units 7 and 8: The care of animals in disasters. These units contain specific information on how to provide care for animals in disasters; Unit 9: Module A final examination. By completing this unit and passing the exam, you may receive a certificate of completion from the Emergency Management Institute; Unit 10: Appendices. This unit contains reference materials that supplement the course materials and indicates where further information can be obtained."

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