Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Events and the Critical Infrastructure Workforce   [open pdf - 635KB]

"The NIAC formed an approach to the CBR study that focused on six key questions. These questions were: Do organizations have programs focused on CBR event planning, preparedness, response or training? Is there a market or other financial incentive to invest in CBR planning, preparedness, response or training capabilities? Is there a sufficient communications infrastructure in place to support CBR event response and recovery? What tools and technologies are available, or should be made available in the future, to support CBR event planning, preparedness, response or training programs? Is there sufficient coordination between Federal, state, local, and private sector entities in support of CBR planning, preparedness, response, or training programs? What can the Federal government do to encourage or enhance planning, preparedness, response, and training capabilities across the public and private sectors? […]. This Report addresses the rationale behind these questions in the Approach and Methodology section and it outlines the findings from these questions in the Findings section. It further defines attributes common to CBR events, and attributes unique to chemical, biological, or radiological events. Finally, the report makes recommendations on how the nation should maximize its opportunities to respond to and recover from a CBR event. Included in subsequent sections are appendices that identify specific findings and recommendations unique to chemical, biological, or radiological events."

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