Implementation of Wildland Certification Standards for Structural Firefighters in Clark County, Washington   [open pdf - 209KB]

"This research project looked at wildland fire certifications and how to apply them to structural firefighters in Clark County, Washington. The problem was that there were no wildland certification standards for structural firefighters in Clark County. The purpose of this applied research paper was to implement wildland certification standards for all structural firefighters in Clark County. This research employed both action and evaluative research (a) to identify what wildland certification standards currently exisit, (b) to identify what certification levels are applicable to each level within the organization, (c) to identify what the requirements for each certification level are, and (d) to identify how these certification standards should be implemented. The principle procedures employed were a review of existing certification systems and a review of available literature. Several interviews were also conducted to gauge the willingness of management and labor to participate in this implementation. The results of this project identified the NWCG Widland Fire Qualification certification system as the system to be used for certifying personnel. A table was developed identifying all of the appropriate certification levels for each level within the organization, as well as the requirements for each level. Finally, a plan to implement the change within the organization utilizing the change management model was identified. The recommendations resulting from this research included (a) the adoption of certification standards for all identified personnel to be gradually implemented over a two-year period, (b) adopting hiring standards that require wildland certification for all identified positions, and (d) promoting the adoption of certification standards throughout the region and the state through various means."

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