OSHA National Emergency Management Plan (NEMP)   [open pdf - 586KB]

"The National Emergency Management Plan (NEMP) clarifies procedures and policy for OSHA's National Office and Regional offices during responses to nationally significant incidents. The NEMP establishes OSHA's Emergency Preparedness Executive Steering Committee, and requires that each Region create a Regional Emergency Management Plan (REMP) and proactively coordinate with State plan States and Consultation Projects. In addition, the NEMP outlines procedures to ensure that trained and equipped personnel, and logistical and operational assistance are in place to support OSHA's role as the primary Federal agency for the coordination of technical assistance and consultation for emergency response and recovery worker health and safety. […]This instruction clarifies National Office and Regional offices roles and responsibilities during responses to nationally significant incidents, such as those that result in a Presidential Emergency Declaration, the activation of the Federal Response Plan, or a request for assistance from the Department of Homeland Security. This instruction includes the primary roles and functions that Federal OSHA National and Regional Offices will assume while planning for and responding to a nationally significant incident. The instruction requires that each Region develop a Regional Emergency Management Plan (REMP) and outlines the REMP in Appendix D. The instruction also establishes an Emergency Preparedness Executive Steering Committee and provides for the creation of four Specialized Response Teams to enhance OSHA's response capabilities for incidents involving Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)."

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