'Someone to Watch over Me?' Privacy and Governance Strategies for CCTV and Emerging Surveillance Technologies   [open pdf - 632KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Responding to concerns of terror around the world, law enforcement agencies are rapidly moving to utilize a range of surveillance technologies to address the threat. While the lead technology in this area is closed circuit television (CCTV), other technologies like radio frequency identification (RFID), global positioning satellite (GPS) technology and biometrics are also being expanded for use in monitoring human activity. These systems share common features and can be interrelated and controlled with developing computer technologies. They can also be used by government for a range of other purposes. However, use of these technologies has implications for individual privacy. This research examines the nature of privacy and existing legal protections. It also investigates a range of approaches to govern the use of these developing technologies. It is a critical governmental function to administer the use of that technology to ensure that it is related to appropriate government purposes and that individual civil rights are protected. To be successful, that governance scheme will have to address key privacy concerns while remaining flexible enough to adapt to changing technology. Informed by this research policymakers will be better able to develop effective governance strategies." A 7-minute, 43-second video interview on this thesis is also available at the following link: [https://www.hsdl.org/?abstract&did=36620]

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