CompStat Counterterrorism Strategy to Protect Train and Subway Systems   [open pdf - 847KB]

"Several successful terrorist attacks have occurred on train and subway systems around the world, and past attempts have been made to attack the New York City Subway System. It is clear that the train and subway systems within the United States remain a highly probable target of terrorist groups. Most systems are too porous and vast to protect every entrance and exit; even if this were possible, the physical screening of every passenger is just not feasible due to the volume of the passengers and fluid nature of the systems. This thesis recommends applying a CompStat Counterterrorism strategy to this threat. It applies those same techniques that were successful in reducing crime in New York, as well as many other major cities, and adjusts them to counteract the threat of a terrorist attack on train and subway systems across the nation. This strategy takes a proven, realistic, and sustainable approach to the current threat, while allowing the systems to operate normally. This thesis does not portend to ensure absolute security, but applies the same successful crime-reducing strategy to the current threat of a terrorist attacks on train and subway systems."

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