Enhancing the Effectiveness of National Guard Support of Civil Authorities by Improving Interagency Coordination   [open pdf - 395KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Preparedness for response to a catastrophic event in the United States, natural disaster or terrorist attack, is a priority mission for the National Guard. Interagency coordination and collaboration is key to the success of this preparedness. Because of the state and regional responses being independent of Federal deployment, the National Guard requires interagency relationships specific to their operations. This thesis conducted an evaluation of the interagency coordination processes amongst the Department of Defense, National Guard Bureau, and Department of Homeland Security agencies. The thesis explores what additional procedural, policy, and structural mechanisms can be implemented to enhance interagency cooperation and collaboration between the National Guard Bureau and other homeland security agencies for domestic operations. Four recommendations are provided: establish an operationally focused Joint Interagency Coordinating Group at National Guard Bureau; organize National Guard homeland security oriented liaison officers under a Homeland Security Liaison Element; focus National Guard interagency coordination within the FEMA regional construct; and examine U.S. Northern Command for opportunities to fully integrate civilian agencies and National Guard into a civil-military command model."

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