Homeland Security Planning for Urban Area Schools   [open pdf - 549KB]

From the thesis abstract: "Schools in the United States are at risk of a terrorist attack and the country is unprepared. The recent history of terrorist attacks illustrates that the methodology and audacity of terrorists is evolving and increasing. Terrorists no longer differentiate between civilians and military personnel, nor do they discriminate amid gender and age. While the thought of deliberately focusing an attack on children might seem unconventional, or even taboo, terrorism and terrorist tactics have fundamentally changed and terrorists are no longer fearful of taking such drastic action. This research indicates that we are unprepared and major improvements need to be made. Until serious and significant changes are made, schools remain vulnerable, unprotected targets of terrorist attacks. The consequences of inaction are enormous, being measured in the loss of lives of children. While a terrorist attack cannot always be prevented, there are actions that schools can take to enhance the safety and security of staff and students. This research culminates in specific recommendations for Maine School District 207 and highlights the strategic methodologies and practices that all schools can utilize and employ to become better prepared. A key recommendation is the inclusion of local response agencies starting with the emergency planning process."

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