Firefighters to Fire Preventers: A Change for the Waterbury Fire Department   [open pdf - 380KB]

"In December 1997, the City of Waterbury appointed a new fire chief. After his appointment, a number of changes occurred that would define how the Waterbury Fire Department would provide services to the community. The Fire Chief established a goal to increase the role of the fire department's fire fighting forces in fire prevention activities throughout the community. The problem was that the Waterbury Fire Department was not effectively using fire department personnel in delivering public fire safety education. Fire companies had been a small part of the public fire safety education program, but soon there would be an increase in their role in delivering these programs to the public. The purpose of this applied research project was to develop a plan to effectively use suppression personnel in the Waterbury Fire Department to provide public fire safety education. This research project used the evaluative methodology to examine what steps would be needed to develop a plan to use suppression personnel by the Waterbury Fire Department to effectively deliver the Waterbury Fire Department's Public Fire Safety Education Program. The research questions to be answered were: 1. What procedures and methods should a fire department use to implement a public fire safety education program? 2. What training will be required for the members of the Waterbury Fire Department Bureau of Emergency Services so that they may effectively deliver a public fire safety education program? 3. What obstacles will the Waterbury Fire Department need to overcome in developing suppression personnel so that they can provide effective public fire safety education?"

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