Department of Homeland Security Preparedness Directorate Exercise and Evaluation Division Standards Strategy   [open pdf - 541KB]

"In an effort to support the mission and goals of the Department of Homeland Security, Preparedness Directorate, Exercise and Evaluation Division (DHS PD E&ED), this document serves as a guideline for that office's standards strategy. Following a period of due diligence and research into the various methods and options available to an organization looking to adopt the use of standards, this strategy has been outlined to reflect current industry 'best practices,' and, therefore, a path leading to the highest likelihood of success. The successful implementation of standards used in the data sharing process will effectively continue and expand on the progress that E&ED has made thus far in standardizing the overall HSEEP process. The following represent the four highest priorities adhered to in the design of this strategy and reflect those elucidated by E&ED: 1. Rapid publication of several data exchanges. a. Initial efforts targeted toward the existing HSEEP Toolkit. 2. The NIEM Information Exchange Package Description (IEPD) development process will be used where it does not conflict or impede with E&ED's highest priorities and schedule milestones. 3. Efforts will be made to follow NIEM conformance guidelines for the technical definitions of exchange models and resultant schema documentation. 4. Succinct business process diagrams will be created describing the required inputs and outputs of specific HSEEP business processes and useful tools associated with each process. a. This activity will be performed for appropriate business processes that affect the information exchanges contained in the pilot standards."

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