Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Pandemic Influenza Plan   [open pdf - 390KB]

The purpose of this plan is: "To provide an effective response to Pandemic Influenza resulting from natural causes or a terrorist release. This response will reduce the impact on public health (i.e. reduce illness and save lives) and maintain essential services while minimizing economic loss. The following response plan will be implemented after a novel influenza strain begins to spread readily from person to person, and it is geared toward action and specific responsibilities, and designed to complement existing DHSS emergency response plans. […] Epidemics of influenza occur annually in the United States, and the Department of Health and Senior Services runs an ongoing program of education, surveillance, control and prevention to minimize the effects of these epidemics. […] If an unexpected epidemic should occur as a result of a known circulating strain of influenza, parts of the pandemic flu plan would be implemented to minimize the outbreak. The parts implemented would depend upon the specifics of the outbreak and would be determined in consultation with CDC, DHSS experts, local public health agencies, and local and state elected officials."

2006 Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
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