Idaho Pandemic Influenza Response   [open pdf - 159KB]

"At some point in the future, the world may be faced with another pandemic caused by a strain of influenza virus that spreads rapidly and causes extraordinarily high rates of illness and death higher, in fact, than virtually any other natural health threat. Because novel influenza viruses have the potential to spread rapidly, high levels of absenteeism in the workforce can quickly jeopardize essential community services including healthcare services throughout affected regions. Because no one can predict exactly when or where the next influenza pandemic will occur, and little time will be available to prepare after the pandemic is first identified, it is critically important to maximize our ability to respond effectively. As with any of the risks that we face, including natural disasters and the ongoing possibility of another terrorist attack, it is imperative that all segments of society be prepared for such a threat. […] In keeping with the national model, the Idaho Influenza Pandemic Response identifies responsible parties and prescribes necessary actions, based on the pandemic periods. The Idaho Pandemic Influenza Response was prepared utilizing documents from the following: the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Pandemic Influenza Plan November 2005 (HHS); the National Immunization Program; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); the World Health Organization (WHO); and referenced other state's Pandemic Influenza Plans. The Idaho Pandemic Influenza Response plan is an annex to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Public Health Preparedness and Response Plan. The response activities will be carried out in collaboration with District Health Departments, the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security, and other local, state, and federal agencies and organizations."

2006 Idaho Department of Health & Welfare.
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